Corsair and PQI Memory, DDR Article and Other Goodies

Good morning friends, welcome back to HotHardware :)  Things around the Northern part of the HH labs were fairly quiet this weekend.  My GF took off camping for two days so I was left home alone.  Needless to say, I took the opportunity to party it up with the boys ;)  Anyhow, lets get down to business so I can pop a few pills and get some work done...

Corsair Twin X Pro PC4000 1 GB Dual Channel Kit @ Controlled-Insanity

"In the world of computers and technology, more specifically pc memory, it is hard to speak about quality performing memory without mentioning our newest sponsor. Corsair Memory has been testing and producing the worlds fastest, highest quality ram for years, and today's review sample proves to continue their great legacy. With many thanks to Anna at Corsair Memory I can proudly present to you today's review, the PC4000 Twin X Pro 2x512 (1GB) Dual Channel Kit."

PQI (PMI) PC3200 1024MB Turbo Memory @ System Cooling

"When I originally started this review PMI Memory hit the computer enthusiast market like a storm. They seemed to go from, "PMI who?" to being one of the top contenders in the ever increasingly competitive memory market. Well today we'll be taking a look at PMI's Turbo Memory PC3200 1024MB Kit. Hopefully we'll be able to see what has made this memory so popular and whether it truly deserves consideration when it's time for your next memory purchase."

DDR, DDR2 (G)DDR3, so what is the difference? @ Lost Circuits

"Six years after the idea was created, DDR-II finally appears to make an entry in the marketplace. At the same time, the graphics version of the new standard, that is GDDR2 has already become obsolete, reasons being high power consumption along with thermal problems that negate the marginal performance increase found over the original DDR design."

Acrylic Scratch Fix Guide @

"If you ever worked with acrylic, you know it scratches easily. It can cause headaches and heartaches as you have to start over. However, if it is a minor scratch, there are ways to rescue it. Save some money? You bet."

Chaintech Geforce FX5500 256Meg Videocard Review @

"Chaintech's FX5500 is a great little video card with lots of spunk. The 256MB DDR will help boost your system so that you can play newer games (look how well it did with Jedi Knight II). It's a solid card which performed quite well in our benchmarks. Considering the extra RAM and the fact that it's a 128-bit card, I had expected it to outperform the 128MB 64-bit 9600SE in each test... granted Radeons have consistently performed better than NVIDIA chips in certain benchmarks."

Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro @

"The most powerful video card available in stores today is the Radeon X800 Pro, and I had the pleasure of playing around with and testing Sapphire's offering."

That is all for the moment friends, I will catch you back here later today :) - Cheers

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