Borderlands 3 Deals Run Wild With $10 Amazon Credit And Bonus Skins

Borderlands 3
Are you getting hyped for Borderlands 3 yet? Fans of the Borderlands franchise who plan to preorder the upcoming installment would be wise to head over to Amazon, at least if planning to play on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. That's because Amazon is offering a couple of bonuses, one of which is a $10 promotional credit.

The baseline Standard Edition of Borderlands 3 costs $59.99, and that is what you will have to pay upfront to preorder the game. If you are a Prime member, Amazon will email you a $10 promotional credit 30-35 days after the game ships. Yes, it's a bummer having to wait a month, but it beats preordering the game and getting nothing in return.

There's also a second bonus offer. When you preorder Borderlands 3 for the PS4 or Xbox One, you will receive a Gold Weapon Skins Pack. This consist of a gold weapon trinket and gold weapon skins that are applicable to all guns in the game (this is not exclusive to Amazon).

Borderlands 3 Editions

Here are some links to where you can preorder Borderlands 3...
There's also a listing on Amazon for the PC version, but you can't actually order the game. Publisher 2K Games has agreed to make Borderlands 3 an Epic Games Store exclusive, so at least initially, you can't buy it on Amazon or Steam—you have to head to the Epic Games Store or buy it from 2K Games.

Developer Gearbox Software says Borderlands 3 will "look fantastic" on all platforms, but if you play on PC, you will have access to a bunch of graphics settings. It's also worth noting that you will not need a burly PC to play at 1080p, or even 1440p, based on the minimum and recommended system requirements.

Borderlands 3 released to PC and consoles on September 13, 2019.