Blackfire4 Fans, Motofever Coverage, BTC 9019 URF Wireless Keyboard and More

Good evening my friends welcome back to HH.  Things around the Canadian portion of the labs have been fairly mundane over the past week or so, and for that, I would like to apologize.  I have been dealing with some fairly substantial situations in my personal life; but, things have been resolved and my life is back on track.  Consequently, as of tomorrow AM I will be back in full effect (forum, multiple news shots, reviewage, etc...).  Thanks to those who have helped me out over the past little while, you have been a great help...

News anyone??

 AC Ryan Blackfire4 Fans @ Phoronix

"If you are tired of those old generic fans sitting inside your case, you should be pleased to know about AC Ryan's UV-LED Blackfire4 series. These fans come in 80mm, 92mm, and 120mm sizes and are ideal for computers with case windows. In addition, they come in an assortment of colors, so it can match with existing lighting of any sort."

 Motofever at 360Moto! (Event Coverage) @ Bytesector

"On Thursday, September 23rd Motorola held their 360Moto "Seamless Mobility" event in a 6 million dollar home in Ontario , Canada . Bytesector co-founder Asim Zaidi and writer Mohammed M. were invited to the event and got their hands on some of Motorola\'s latest innovations! Today, we will take you through some of their newest products and what the folks at Motorola have prepared for launch to the North American market in the upcoming months..."

 BTC 9019 URF Wireless Keyboard w/ Joystick Mouse Reviewed @

"Wireless keyboards are not something I get to worked up about because they either work or they don't. That changed when I got a chance to review and use the BTC 9019 URF Wireless Keyboard with Dual Mode Joystick Mouse. This keyboard just might be the perfect solution for anyone that has a Home Theater PC. Yes it's a wireless keyboard but it also offers a dual mode joystick as well. The joystick can be switched to operate either as a mouse or a plain gamers joy stick. Now that is nice. Come take a look and I'll bet you will agree."

 Gigabyte G0-M1600B- DVD ROM on Steroids @ t-break

"Small Form Factor PCs are being used in lots of different ways and one of the popular ones amongst them is as an HTPC. Although there a few SFF PCs like the MSI MegaPC that offers good multimedia features out of the box, most of them don't and considering the very limited amount of expansion capabilities offered by SFF PCs, one usually has to decide in advance on how they want to use their PC. With the G0-M1600B, Gigabyte suddenly makes more things possible."

 Enermax Deluxe Multifunction Panel UC-9AFATR2B Review @ 3DX

"This multifunction panel will fit all uses from the Tech enthusiast to the basic user. The LCD display serves as an outlet of information with alarm and warning sensors. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a memory card reader or Multifunctional display panel check this product out - you will not be disappointed."

 Altec Lansing XA2021 @ Phoronix

"Altec Lansing has long been known as a reputable leader in the North American audio industry for producing outstanding audio systems. Altec Lansing has recently released yet another speaker system, the XA2021, to their already large selection of audio solutions."

 A-Top Technology X-Blade ATX Window Case @ BigBruin.Com

"I hate to admit it, but when I saw the list of features and the price of $59.90, I had some doubts on the construction and finish qualities... However, as I examined the case I was very pleasantly surprised. The fit and finish of this case far exceeds its price, and is on par with other cases that cost considerably more. Plus, as I am sure you will agree after seeing the pictures that follow, this case just flat out looks cool."

That's all I have at the moment friends.  I will see you back here in the AM :) - Cheers