Hellish Doom Multiplayer Trailer Is A Gloriously Bloody Railgun Slug To The Senses

In case you couldn’t already tell, the members of the HotHardware crew are pretty big fans of the Doom series. And wouldn’t you know it, the latest installment in the Doom franchise is heading our way May 13th. While we all await the closed multiplayer round, which will run from March 31st through April 3rd, Bethesda has given us just a little taste of what to expect with a new trailer.

Doom Multi Player

The multiplayer beta is a rush to the senses and brings chills of brutal gaming sessions reminiscent of previous Doom titles but with a huge boost in graphics fidelity and special effects. However, the somewhat colorful palette and character models remind us a little of Unreal, mixed in with a dash of Halo. On the weapons front, we get a nice look at the shotgun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher and the ever resourceful machine gun.

doom mp

That’s all rather run-of-the-mill stuff, but one of the more interesting aspects detailed in the trailer is the ability to transform from an ordinary soldier into ravenous demon that is out for blood. How’d you like to rip the limbs off your opponents with ease or devour their noggins as if you were biting the head off a chocolate bunny rabbit? Have at it in the Doom multiplayer.

The trailer is just over a minute long, but there’s plenty of action in there to keep you satiated until the end of the month when closed beta is activated. Speaking of the beta, gamers that purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order have first dibs on wreaking havoc in Team Deathmatch and Warpath modes on the Heatwave and Infernal maps.

As for the single-player campaign, we’ve already been informed that it will last around 13 hours – perhaps closer to 10 hours for well-honed gamers. However, no one buys Doom to piddle along in campaign mode, so we won’t hold any perceived lack of depth against Bethesda.