Doom Single Player Campaign To Take Up To 13 Hours Of Battle In Hell

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When id Software's upcoming Doom is released on May 13th, it will have been over 11 years since the release of the previous mainline game, Doom 3. Given that length of time between releases, it'd be unfortunate if the next major iteration in the series followed modern gaming trends and could be completed in a single long gaming session. According to Doom's official Twitter account (demons like to be social, too), we have nothing to worry about.

When the game length was questioned by a fan, whomever helms the Doom Twitter account said that the amount of time it took the average gamer in their office to complete the game was about 13 hours. Now, it could be that few people there are what some would call "experienced" gamers, but throwing caution to the wind, it does seem like at least 10-hour playthrough could be anticipated.

DOOM Alien

When it came out in late 2004, Doom 3 became the Crysis before Crysis even existed. Those who were able to run the game at its top settings when it was first released were very lucky, because the game was an absolute punisher. Could we see the same thing from Doom this May? We just might.

If there's one thing that's concerning about that possibility, it's that this Doom game was first announced back in 2008. Can we expect bleeding-edge graphics from a game that's been in development so long? If Duke Nukem Forever has taught us anything: probably not. However, Doom isn't a game that's been passed on to one developer from another, and id Software loves to push boundaries, so we could be in for a surprise.

Regardless of how good it looks, at least we know it's not going to be over in just a few hours.