ATT/Cingular Wants To Let You Peek In Your Own Windows

Worried that people are climbing in your windows and stealing all your Hot Hardware while you're at work trying to make enough money to buy a new hi-def flatscreen? Well, ATT/Cingular has announced the availability of their home monitoring system that will work on a computer or their cellphones:

Customers would also need to pay a one-time fee of $199 for a starter package that includes a camera, a wireless door or window sensor, as well as software and hardware that connects them to the home network. The service could support up to four cameras and wireless sensors that could alert customers on everything from high or low temperatures to the presence of water or an intruder.

You could receive a real-time feed, or set the service to e-mail an alert when that overly friendly gardener with the six-pack stomach rings the doorbell and your wife is home.

Read it here.

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