ATi Press Release, Logisys Liquid Neon Thunder Kit and More

Good evening friends, welcome back to HotHardware.  Things around the lab have been exceptionally busy today.  Marco, Dave, Jeff and the rest of the crew, have been busy working away on their respective benches with some pretty swank products.  I can't say much at this point in time, but the upcoming weeks should hail some pretty impressive reviews.  In the mean time, here is round two from the juicy-fairy.

ATI customers among the first in the world to play Counter-Strike™: Source™

MARKHAM, ON – ATI Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: ATYT; TSX: ATY) today announced that customers who received a Half-Life 2 coupon with their purchase of a RADEON(R) 9600 or RADEON(R) 9800 product will receive an added bonus – entry into Valve's Counter-Strike: Source beta program.

The original Counter-Strike is the world's most popular online action game, generating over four billion player minutes per month. Counter-Strike: Source, the next installment of the game, blends CS's intense team play with the advanced features of the Valve Source™ technology, the same technology powering Half-Life 2.

For the full press release: Click Here

 Logisys Liquid Neon Thunder Kit Review @ Mikhailtech

"Like other lights the Thunder kit is plug & play. While it's not as bright as cathodes, it more than makes up for it with its coolness factor. The tube has a steady green glow while brighter spirals go crazy within. These spirals don't have a constant pattern, but instead react to the presence of nearby objects. Holding the tube up in the air will create a very slow moving effect; gripping it in your hand will make the spirals move a lot faster. It's very entertaining to see them speed up and slow down as you move your hand closer or farther away. It doesn't seem to be reactive to sound or light though, so don't expect any synchronization with games.Here's a short video showing the light in action."

 ASUS P5GD2 Review @

"I'm proud to give my personal recommendation of the ASUS P5GD2 Premium motherboard for those looking to upgrade to the new Intel platform this is definitely one of my early favorites. The packaging for this board alone makes it worth the premium that the board goes for on Pricewatch or Newegg, which is currently about $201."

 Albatron Trinity PC5900 PCI Express Videocard Review @ PC Stats

"With high end PCI Express videocards in short supply, those of you looking for the best performance may want to cast an eye towards nVIDIA's GeForcePCX 5900 series. The videocard in question is the Albatron Trinity PC5900, which is obviously based on the GeForcePCX 5900 GPU. The Trinity PC5900 videocard is powered with 128MB of DDR RAM, and supports both analog and DVI monitors."

 Imation External 8x DVD Writer @ HardwareZone

"For a long time running, users of external DVD writers have been standing by the sidelines and writing DVDs at a slower 4x write speed while their peers who are using internal variants have been progressing steadily and rapidly through 8x, 12x and 16x. With the Imation external 8x DVD writer, users relying on external DVD writers will finally be able to create their own digital masterpiece in under 10 minutes, increasing production and wasting less time in waiting for their DVDs to be authored. Over the course of the past few months, we've been treated to a variety of internal '88' DVD writers and have been impressed with their capabilities so far. So will the Imation external 8x DVD writer, an '88' drive, performs just as admirably? Keep reading then."

That looks like it for tonight friends.  I will catch you back here on the weekend :) - Cheers