ATI Press Release, 6600GT, PolarFLO water Block and More

Good afternoon friends, welcome back to HH.  Today being a cold and drizzly day, it's looking like I will be huddling around the warmth of my computers in hopes of fending of my cold.  So, to help pass the time, let's check under the pillow and see what the juice fairy brought us overnight...

ATI Redefines the Multimedia Personal Computer with the New ALL-IN-WONDER(R) X800 XT

Thursday September 9, 2004 - MARKHAM, Ontario – Multimedia entertainment is redefined with the new ALL-IN-WONDER(R) X800 XT from ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT). Built upon the award-winning powerful RADEON(R) X800 Visual Processing Unit (VPU), this new multimedia add-in video card brings innovative solutions for home theater, video editing and gaming enthusiasts. Shipping this fall in North America, ALL-IN-WONDER X800 XT will be available with a manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) of $499 USD from major computer retailers and ATI's European add-in-board manufacturers, including Connect3D Inc., Hightech Information System Limited, Info-Tek Corporation, Sapphire Technology Limited, and Tul Corporation, will offer ALL-IN-WONDER X800 XT in various configurations later this year.

ALL-IN-WONDER X800 XT is the first video card to feature DVI-I and VGA monitor connectivity plus a TV and FM Radio tuner in a single slot device. This video card is also the first ALL-IN-WONDER(R) to feature new input and output block connectors that provide easy access to peripheral devices.

For the full Press Release: Click Here

 Neoseeker 6600GT Hands-On Benchmarking

"We've got our preview of the 6600GT up at Neoseeker. To spice things up a little, we also underclocked the 6600GT to 6600 levels (300 core / 600 memory) to see how well it stacks up against the stock 6600GT as well as ATI's X600."

 Albatron WIDIO Wireless Audio System Review @ PC Stats

"The Albatron Widio Deluxe wireless audio receiver and transmitter is a small glossy white and green i-Pod sized device which allows users to listen to music at distances of up to 50m (164 feet) from the audio source. The Widio system is not dependent on any computer hardware, and only requires a power source and audio input for its base station (transmitter) to function. Albatron's Widio works on a 2.4GHz wireless signal, and its receiver can also tune into FM radio signals for those times when you get tired of listening to the same old CDs or MP3s. The base station doubles up as a drop-in charger for the wireless receiver, which will last about 4 hours before needing a recharge."

 Flexiglow Illuminated Multimedia Keyboard @

"With it's lightweight design, row of hot keys and back lighting for the keys, the Flexiglow Illuminated Multimedia Keyboard may be just the ticket for the person on the go."

 OCZ PowerStream 520W Power Supply Unit Review @ CoolTechZone

"OCZ Technology is a key leader when it comes to producing high quality workstation memory. They cater to enthusiasts with high expectations of gaining as much performance out of their systems as possible. OCZ is right next to their competitors and even ahead in some areas (value). System memory is not the only product that OCZ specializes in, the company produces power leads, heatsinks, and power supplies."

 Dual Xeon Motherboard Comparison @ GamePC

"Today at GamePC, we've written up a comparison of two new dual processor motherboards which have just hit the market for Intel's new 64-bit Xeon processors. We've got the Thunder i7525 from Tyan along with the X6DAE-G2 from Supermicro. Both boast support for 16GB of DDR2 memory, PCI Express graphics connectivity, and Extended ATX form factors. We compare the two boards in terms of features and benchmarks."

 PolarFLO TT Water Block @ Viper Lair

"As we've stated at the beginning of the review, building an efficient water cooling system will take some planning and research. For LGA775 processors, your current options are a bit slim, but we certainly would have no problems putting the PolarFLO TT on your short list."

 Power Supply Roundup @ TweakTown

"Today Cameron Johnson has posted a power supply roundup comparing some of the latest units from OCZ, Thermaltake, Vantec and Coolermaster. We'll check out the appearance and features of each PSU and then put them up against each other and measure the type of minimum and maximum voltages each is able to deliver with a standard system and then an overclocked system based around an Intel Pentium 4 Prescott processor."

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