ATI Catalyst 8.3 Sneak Peek: CrossFireX and More

A fresh new set of graphics card drivers, like a pair of new shoes, can sometimes make a world of difference.  We were recently given a chance to chat with some folks from AMD about all of the new features they have in store for users with the Catalyst v8.3 release and we'll be outlining some of the finer details here today.  In addition to the typical batch of performance enhancements and bug fixes available with each new Catalyst release, the v8.3 suite is going to deliver official support for three and four GPU CrossFireX and Hybrid CrossFire, plus some new anti-aliasing features, previously unavailable tweaks for video playback, and GPU LCD scaling, among some other things. 

Check out our early preview of the new AMD ATI Catalyst v8.3 driver suite for the full scoop.