Asus XG Station - External PCI Express Graphics For Notebooks

Someone caught Asus a little early for CES it seems and was able to snap a shot of a very innovative new product they'll have on display at the show.  Asus' new XG Station will allow any PCI Express compatible graphics card to plug into it and in turn will then provide an interface to an Asus-built notebook external graphics connector.

"CES Unveiled - If you think your current notebook is rather wimpy when it comes to graphical power, fret not. Asus has heard the clarion call and decided to help those who want to play The Elder Scrolls - Oblivion in high resolution on the go by unveiling the Asus XG Station at CES. This device is essentially an external housing for any PCI-E graphics card inside, offering a dial on the left hand side of the front which overclocks your GPU simply by turning it clockwise. There is a real-time display of the hardware on the monitor that will alert you before you accidentally burn up that swanky $500 graphics card."

We'll be at CES starting Monday and will get together with the folks at Asus to learn about this interesting new product and report our findings back to you.