ASUS Redefines Portable Gaming; G50V Notebook

ASUS Redefines Portable Gaming with its new 15.4” G50V Gaming Notebook
-- Top-Notch performance and exclusive ASUS features make for
an unbeatable mobile gaming platform --
Fremont, California (September 8, 2008) – ASUS, a world leader in notebook design and the fastest growing notebook brand, today announced the latest addition to the coveted Republic of Gamers line of high-performance products – the G50V gaming notebook. Based on Intel’s latest Centrino 2 mobile platform, the G50V is loaded with killer features, the latest NVIDIA discrete graphics, 4GB of RAM and dual hard drives – all for just $1,699.

Exclusive Gaming Features
In addition to being one of the first notebooks to feature the latest Discrete Graphics Engine (DGE) powered by NVIDIA, the GeForce 9700M GT GPU, ASUS has also built the G50V with a number of exclusive gaming features including: one-touch overclocking, secondary display for checking mail/IMs/CPU usage while gaming, LED lighting, LAN-pack and gaming mouse included.

- One Touch Overclocking 
Gamers need maximum horsepower, and ASUS delivers with an overclocking tool anyone can use. To get more processing power, simply tap a button and the CPU’s clock speed increases to Turbo mode. Tap the button again to enter Turbo Extreme mode for an extra 260Mhz boost from stock speeds! Overclocking has never been this easy.
- Quickly check your CPU/memory usage, or view IM messages
During gaming users can still keep tabs on the system, inbox, and IM situation with the built in 3.1 inch OLED display. It is capable of displaying battery life, CPU and memory usage, incoming instant messages, and with Microsoft Office running in the background, it will even broadcast calendar reminders.
- Highlighted keys and LED lights
Gamers like their machines to stand out from the crowd, and the G50V delivers with LED light bars on the LCD bezel in addition to a glowing touchpad and a Republic of Gamers logo. The WASD keys are also highlighted on the keyboard for easy finger placement during gaming.
- LAN-pack and Gaming Mouse Included
Gaming notebooks are great for LAN parties, and ASUS encourages gamers to indulge in this behavior by throwing in a swank Republic of Gamers backpack and a Logitech MX518 gaming mouse. Right out of the box gamers are ready for LAN action.

Quick Boot and Security

In addition to its righteous gaming features, the G50V also has exclusive quick boot and security options that anyone can appreciate – gamer or not. Its exclusive quick boot Express Gate lets the user get onto the Internet within ten seconds without fully booting the system, and its facial recognition software means you can log into Windows without lifting a finger.

- Seven Second Boot with Express Gate
With the G50V, you don’t even have to boot into Windows to accomplish simple tasks such as browsing the web or uploading digital photos. Just press the G50’s Express Gate button and in seconds you’ll be in a fully-functional Linux environment – perfect for quickly checking your email, listening to music, or making a Skype call.  
- ASUS SmartLogon
Protecting your computer with a password or finger print is a thing of the past. The G50V features unique facial recognition technology that automatically recognizes facial features and lets you log into the computer by just looking briefly at the integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam. Users can also still use a password if they prefer. 
The G50V is available immediately through ASUS authorized dealers in North America. For more information, check out: