Arctic Cooling NV5 Video Cooler, Overclocking AMD Athlon XP-M, and more!

Heh, snow and sleet yesterday, and now it's raining. I love New England :D I do have to head out in a few minutes though, so no time to chit chat. Check back later tonight to see what I've got for gaming news.

Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse Review @ The Tech Zone

"When I first heard of the MX1000 Laser my first thought was "I wonder if I could use it as a laser pointer?" The answer is no. All lasers conform to one of four classes, depending on usage and power. The MX1000 is a Class 1 laser device - extremely low-powered and can be stared directly into, even with a magnifying glass, for extended periods without causing any eye damage."

Arctic Cooling NV5 Video Cooler @ Club Overclocker

"One of the known Great Deals when purchasing a nVidia 6800 series video card is to buy a 6800 GT and Overclock it to (sometimes beyond) 6800 Ultra clock speeds. Naturally, this also increases the heat that the memory and GPU produce. Most manufactures don't bother putting their highest quality cooler on the 6800GT series because it doesn't need it. Well, if you're going to make your 6800 GT act like a 6800 Ultra, it may as well look like one too. The NV5 will cool your card and fake your friends, give the review a read and look for yourself!"

Lian Li PC-6077 Mid-tower Case @ Bjorn3D

"Based in Taiwan, Lian Li has been a leader in the aluminum case market for quite a few years now. The company recently released its newest line of cases - the V-Series. However, its older lines of cases are still readily available and worth consideration from anyone wanting a high-quality case."

Intel 925XE Chipset, D925XECV2 Motherboard, 3.46GHz EE (1066MHz FSB) CPU @ OCAU

"Today OCAU looks at Intel's 925XE chipset, supporting LGA775 CPUs, PCI-Express, DDR2 memory and, most importantly, a 1066MHz FSB. The motherboard in question is Intel's D925XECV2, which offers more tweaking and overclocking than we expect from an Intel board. To push this board to its limits, the we test with three CPUs, including the 1066MHz-FSB 3.46GHz Extreme Edition with 2MB L3 cache. We also cover the Matrix RAID feature which allows RAID0 and RAID1 at the same time using only 2 drives."

Overclocking the AMD ATHLON XP-M CPU @ Tweakers Australia

"I must explain that while overclocking is a viable option for any enthusiast who knows what they are doing, there is a very real risk of causing serious damage to your system. Should you choose to overclock, I recommend that you do your research before you proceed. Neither I nor anyone else can be held responsible for any damage done to your computer by attempting this practice. Overclocking can be a dirt-cheap way to speed up your PC, or a fairly expensive hobby. It can also be a nightmarish ordeal, should your processor burn up."