Apple updates iPhone software to 1.0.2

It's been less than two months, and already we've seen two iPhone software updates. This second one, like the first, focuses on bug fixes.  Much like the first, there aren't many details available.  This one weighs in at 92MB.

It's pretty amazing how Apple continues to do this, as experience has shown that carrier certifications of these types of patches alone can take months.  They must have some kind of leeway with AT&T.

Apple on Tuesday updated the software for its iPhone, bringing the most current version to 1.0.2.

The update is available when the iPhone is connected to your computer. After iTunes launches the update can be downloaded and installed.

Some people are reporting that some of the hacks continue to work, despite assertions that the update will unhack the iPhone.  Although some report the 92MB download, others are seeing on 3.2MB.  Theories are the differences relate to hacked vs. unhacked phones.