Apple issues updates for brand-new iMacs

That was fast. Only a day after introducing their new line of aluminum and glass iMacs, Apple has released updates for them. The updates were only vaguely identified as providing "important bug fixes."
Owners of the day-old 20-in. and 24-in. iMacs should install iMac Software Update 1.0, Apple said in a terse message accompanying the 5.1MB download, but it didn't spell out the exact fixes. Some users on various Apple-oriented message forums claimed updated ATI video drivers were among the changes, but Apple did not respond when queried for details.

As is the norm after a hardware refresh, Apple also posted a new version of Boot Camp, the free-of-charge dual boot utility that's still officially in beta.
Although Apple wasn't clear about the changes in the update, users on some Mac forums indicated they included ATI driver updates.  Aside from that, there hasn't been any other info released.