Apex Legends Octane Hero Launches With Focus On Sheer Speed

Apex Legends has been one of the most popular games around since it launched and shows no signs of letting up. Rumors have been swirling that a new character and a Battle Pass were set to launch for the service. A new character called Octane leaked via the Origin Store and another asset leak hints that the character roster will eventually grow by ten.


Rumors about Octane have been confirmed with the launch of the character along with the first battle pass. Octane is a Legend that is based on speed, gaining benefits from moving fast to attack and flank enemies. Octane has three abilities with one passive, one activated with a button press, and an ultimate that takes time to charge.

The active ability boosts his speed at the cost of health; when activated it increases speed by 30% for six seconds. Octane is the only character in the game with an ability that costs health making that caveat something players will have to contend with. Octane's passive ability is to slowly regenerate his health at a rate of one health point every two seconds. The ultimate for the character allows him to drop a launch pad on the ground that will spring players into the air to send teammates soaring into enemy positions or to safety.

As for the inspiration for Octane, the character was inspired by a record-setting Titanfall 2 speedrun pulled off by Cash Mayo reports Polygon. That speedrun was accomplished using well-placed frag grenades. The official background for the character can be seen here.

As Apex Legends' popularity has increased, Respawn Entertainment has been issuing PC gamers using cheats permanent hardware bans in an effort to keep the game fun and fair

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