AMD Claims Barcelona K10 Will Knock Intel Dead

According to a story on The Inquirer, AMD's upcoming native quad-core processor, codenamed Barcelona, will outperform competitive offerings from Intel.  AMD's European technical director, Guiseppe Amato said, "Barcelona is an architecture that must be faster."  And that compatibility with existing platforms is assured with a simple BIOS update.

"He laid a lot of emphasis on the ability of the Barcelona to deliver four FPs ber clock cycle, as well as having a bigger buffer and L1, L2, and L3 caches. He also claimed that the memory connect design of the microprocessor will give it an inherent advantage over Intel's designs."

Until third-parties get to test Barcelona on their own, all this talk is nothing more than FUD, but it's great to see AMD doing a bit of chest pounding after their relative silence these past few months.

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