Watch This COD: Modern Warfare Player Earn Tactical Nuke In Just 29 Seconds

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Did you achieve your goals in 2019? One Call of Duty player ended the decade by breaking a world record. Redditor Payton132 was able to earn a tactical nuke within 29 seconds in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward recently introduced “Shipment” and “Vacant” to the game, with the former unfortunately having rather bad spawns. Many players have argued that poor spawning has made Shipment unenjoyable, but others are using the feature to their advantage. Some are trying to obtain the tactical nuke, the unlockable killstreak reward, as quickly as possible.

The past record was held by Youtuber TapXNation and he was able to obtain the tactical nuke within 31 seconds. TapXNation essentially camped in one location and waited for the spawns. u/Payton132 then posted a video on Reddit that demonstrated that he was able to achieve the same goal but within 29 seconds. This is now the world record for the fastest tactical nuke kill streak.

29 Second Tactical Nuke (Using Shipments broken spawns) 🙂 from r/modernwarfare
Many players are hoping the poor respawns will be fixed soon. Players have also complained about a wide variety of other glitches that have been plaguing the game. One Redditor discovered a glitch in which two chairs spun uncontrollably inside the hotel in St. Petrograd. Anyone who accidentally hit the chairs was instantly killed.

Not all of the glitches have led to doom and destruction. One glitch allowed players to explore the game’s upcoming battle royale map. One Redditor used the spectate feature during a match to wander around the Vacant map. They were able to find several landmarks that have yet to be introduced into the game such as the Gulag. Players also discovered that several maps are part of a larger, interconnected map.

Some of the glitches are hilarious or fun to exploit, but the plethora of issues have caused many players to abandon the game altogether. Infinity War even sent out a survey to players to figure out why they stopped playing the game. It will be interesting to see how the game fares in 2020. Perhaps new features like battle royale will be able to attract new and former players.