2.5 Geeks: Dell's 64-Core Threadripper Pro Workstation, Intel Xeon W, Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra And More!

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In this latest episode of our 2.5 Geeks livestream, we go hands-on with Dell's beastly Precision 7865 workstation powered by a 64-core Threadripper Pro and NVIDIA RTX A6000. We also take a look at Intel's Sapphire Rapids Xeon W offerings, the hot new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Android flagship, tease some upcoming articles and more...

Show Notes:
00:00 Countdown Begins
05:02 Dave's Intro
07:50 MSI GT77 13th Gen Tease
09:27 Samsung Galaxy Book 3 360 Tease
11:54 Alienware Aurors R15 Tease
14:52 OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Review
19:30 Snapdragon X75 5G News
26:52 Intel Xeon W Launch
35:53 Dell Precision 7865 Review
38:07 Dell Precision 7865 Acoustics
52:16 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
58:58 S23 Ultra Camera Discussion
1:05:27 Next Giveaway Hints