2.5 Geeks: Dell XPS Desktop Special Edition, Fast ADATA SSDs, Intel Xe HPG GPU Lives And More

dell xps special edition podcast hero
In this episode of 2.5 Geeks, Marco, Chris and Dave will be looking at Dell's new XPS Desktop Special Edition PC with GeForce RTX 30 muscle, Fast PCIe 4 SSDs from ADATA, Intel's Xe HPG discrete gaming GPU that's now up and running in the lab, and discuss Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake-S motherboard compatibility...

Apologies For The Audio Sync Issues!

 Show Notes:

06:40 - Dell XPS Desktop Special Edition 8940 Review: A Sleek Gaming Rig
18:29 - ADATA XPG GAMMIX S70 And S50 Lite Review: PCIe 4 Speed Or Value
27:29 - Intel's Next-Gen XE HPG Gaming GPU Teased Running 3DMark Mesh Shader Test
39:15 - Intel Confirms Rocket Lake-S CPUs Won't Be Compatible With All 400-Series Motherboards
40:19 - Gigabyte Has An Unorthodox Strategy For Supporting Rocket Lake-S On 'H410' Motherboards