2.5 Geeks: Awesome Alder Lake Gaming PCs, PAX East 2022 And More

pax east 2022 livestream hero
In our latest 2.5 Geeks livestream, we have a round-table chat that explores some great new Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake-based gaming PCs from Dell and Origin, Samsung's HOT new Alder Lake-powered Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, the Galaxy TabS8, as well as the sights, sounds and happenings at PAX East 2022...

Show Notes:
04:55 Show Start, End Countdown
06:15 What's On Marco's Test Bench - 3090 Ti And More
08:50 What's On Dave's Test Bench - Alder Lake Mobile
09:46 What's Dave's Beer Of The Day?
10:50 Origin's Alder Lake Neuron Gaming PC And The Benefits Of Pre-Builts
18:24 Marco's Twisted Mind, Neuron Thermals And Acoustics
19:10 Origin Neuron 4000X Alder Lake Performance
23:03 Dell XPS 8950 Desktop 12th Gen Tower Of Power
25:08 Dell XPS 8950 Desktop Under The Hood
27:05 Dell XPS 8950 Performance Optimization
29:10 Dell XPS 8950 Non-Standard Components
30:58 Dell XPS 8950 Benchmarks
33:48 Intel At PAX East 2022 - A Show Of Force
36:52 Was Intel Arc Graphics At PAX???
39:39 Where's Intel Arc Mobile Graphics?
40:18 Awesome PC Builds AT PAX East 2022
42:10 Crazy PC Transformer Bot Dude At PAX
43:02 Can You Identify The Cool Retro Tech?
46:01 AMD Sells GPUs And CPUs At MSRP At PAX
49:03 Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 Review
53:20 Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 Benchmarks
57:05 Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Review
59:43 Galaxy Tab S8 Premium Experience And Benchmarks
1:07:43 Audience Comments And Questions
1:09:02 Hints On Our Next Great Giveaway!