Score 11 Resident Evil Games And A Sweet Bonus For Just $35 With This Killer Deal

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Ask some gamers what Capcom's most influential games are, and you'll get a wide variety of answers just because the company has been so innovative over the years. Street Fighter II basically invented the fighting game genre, Mega Man defined the action-platformer in 1987, and the ambitious Monster Hunter created the concept of the hunting game, going on to inspire imitators to this day.

Arguably Capcom's franchise with the widest cultural reach has been the Biohazard series, known as Resident Evil in most of the world outside of Capcom's native Japan. Ever since the release of the original game in 1996, Resident Evil has been a mainstay franchise for the mega-developer, setting trends in the survival horror genre and consistently reinventing itself to good results.

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Resident Evil Village is absolutely gorgeous on PC, with stunning ray-traced effects.

As is obviously the case with any long-lived series like this, there are a lot of Resident Evil games. Fortunately, the biggest benefit of PC gaming is that your games rarely just stop working. In other words, you can still play all the old Resident Evil games on your PC right now. If you're curious about the franchise but don't know where to begin, how about buying basically the entire series for $35?

Right now, over at Humble, you can pick up the "Resident Evil: Decades of Horror Village Edition" bundle that includes virtually every main-series Resident Evil game, as well as both Revelations titles, for $35. You get the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and RE3, as well as a coupon for 25% off the expansion for Resident Evil 8 Village, although the version of Resident Evil 4 is the original PC release from 2005, not the remake.

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Get This Humble Bundle Today!

This is a crazy amount of high-quality survival horror gameplay for the money. In fact, Humble describes this bundle as a $335 value, meaning it's basically a 90% discount on nearly the entire beloved game series. As is typically the case with Humble bundles, some portion of your purchase goes to charity, and some portion is taken by Humble itself, although you can adjust these ratios if you like.

The games are redeemed by Steam and only Windows is officially supported by most of these titles, so do be aware if you're a Mac or Linux gamer, although all of these titles have Gold or better ratings on ProtonDB. Folks who enjoy horror content or action games shouldn't miss this chance to own one of the most important franchises in video game history.