Mega Man Legacy Collection Blasts Onto PC, PS4 And Xbox One This Summer

Get ready to relive all the fun (and frustration) that came from playing all those old school 8-bit Mega Man games from yesteryear, as Capcom is bringing them back. In just a few months, the original Mega Man games -- all half a dozen of them -- will be released in enhanced form, sporting Full HD 1080p graphics and "modern bonuses," the developer announced today.

It's called the "Mega Man Legacy Collection" and it will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC digital storefronts this summer. There's also a digital release scheduled to arrive for the Nintendo 3DS, though that one will come sometime in the winter season.

Mega Man

"In addition to the original six games, you also get challenges, a huge of-the-era museum packed with visual history and a helpful database that informs AND tests you on your Mega Man prowess," Capcom said.

The bonuses Capcom is tossing in are pretty neat. One of them includes a virtual museum containing tons of sketches, art, and other visual materials. Capcom said that one of its goals with this release was to preserve history, and it's enlisted the help of Digital Eclipse to scan original items at "absurdly high resolutions."

Each game will also contain a database with enemy lists that also works as a training ground. You may recall that the original Mega Man games could be insanely difficult at spots. Through the database, you can select an enemy that's giving you trouble and practice squaring off against him.

Leaderboards, challenges, and replays will also be part of the reboot. Not bad for the asking price -- $14.99.