NEC Sends Packard Bell Packing, Sells Division to eMachines Co-Founder

With such a small market share (2.8%), I'm suprised the Packard Bell Division is still around. Since Lap Shun Hui sold eMachines, I can not imagine his motovation for this purchase.
NEC, Japan's third-largest electronics conglomerate, said it sold its holdings in Packard Bell BV to Lap Shun Hui, former co-founder of eMachines, a maker of low-cost PCs that has since been bought by Gateway Inc. NEC declined to comment on the price. Packard Bell BV has annual sales of around 130 billion yen ($1.09 billion), but has been in the red for several years. NEC is the top seller of home-use PCs in Japan but its computer sales have been unable to gain momentum overseas. It was the world's seventh-largest PC maker in 2005 with a market share of 2.8 percent, according to research firm Gartner.