LG And Samsung End Spin Cycle, Call Off Silly Spat Over Sabotaged Washing Machines

If you don’t think that competition between washing machine manufacturers is thrilling, you haven’t been paying attention to the bitter struggle between South Korean electronics companies LG and Samsung. The drama has included accusations of sabotage, lawsuits, and even criminal charges, but the two companies are ready tone things down: this week, they announced that they will bring an end to the hostilities.

lg washer

The signed agreement brings the lawsuits to a close, but may not end the prosecution of Samsung employees who have been accused of stealing LG’s Oled display technology. Meanwhile, an LG executive has been indicted for allegedly sabotaging a Samsung washing machine that was on display at an industry event in Germany.

The washing machines in question were Samsung Crystal Blue units, which sell for as much as $2,700, according to The Wall Street Journal. The fight revolves around surveillance video that either shows the LG executive sabotaging the door of a washer or not hurting the door – depending on which company you believe. Both LG and Samsung are asking for leniency in the remaining cases.

Samsung ces

So, it looks like LG and Samsung will grudgingly get along for now. But old rivalries die hard – who knows when someone will start talking smack about refrigerator capacities and open some old wounds?