Google, Mandiant, VirusTotal And Gemini AI Join Forces To Stomp Out Security Threats

google mandiant virustotal and gemini ai join forces to stomp out security threats
Artificial intelligence has been used for some rather interesting applications, such as helping people deal with losing a loved one. While this is a unique use of the technology, there is so much more that AI can be used to improve our daily lives. This includes cybersecurity, which Google is now capitalizing on by integrating its Gemini AI model into the new Google Threat Intelligence Platform, announced at the RSA Conference in San Fransisco.

Yesterday, Google published a blog post announcing Google Threat Intelligence, a platform that “combines the unmatched depth of our Mandiant frontline expertise, the global reach of the VirusTotal community, and the breadth of visibility only Google can deliver, based on billions of signals across devices and emails.” At first glance, this sounds like a rather powerful platform, combining information from cybersecurity firm Mandiant, which was acquired by Google in 2022, and VirusTotal, a platform for scanning potentially malicious files and websites. However, all of this is made even more impressive with the integration of artificial intelligence to enhance threat insights and visibility.

Normally, threat intelligence is quite the beast, requiring much work and effort to effectively use. As such, Google has folded Gemini 1.5 Pro into the mix to “[supercharge] the threat research processes, augmented defense capabilities, and reduced the time it takes to identify and protect against novel threats.” It can help reverse engineer malware, find OSINT, and combine information into one simplified pane, significantly simplifying security efforts. One touted claim is that Gemini was able to process the decompiled code of WannaCry in 34 seconds to deliver an analysis and identify the killswitch.

This is a rather cool piece of technology, but we do not expect it to be cheap. However, the cost may be worth it, as the intelligence gained, with minimal effort, could keep an organization on the cutting edge of cybersecurity.