MediaTek Unveils Dimensity 9300+ With A Clock Boost And Faster On-Device AI

MediaTek Dimensity 9300 plus hero
MediaTek is launching its Dimensity 9300+ chip to better meet the demands of the mobile market, with an emphasis on delivering better on device AI performance. The company says this chip will include higher clock speeds and support a wider array of large language models (LLMs) compared to the Dimensity 9300.

Corporate Senior Vice President, JC Hsu, says that “the Dimensity 9300+ offers impressive performance and enhancements to speed up LLM inference, running tokens much faster for a better user experience.” The chip is able to achieve these gains in large part because it makes use of the company’s NeuroPilot Speculative Decode Acceleration technology. MediaTek says that with this technology onboard the Dimensity 9300+ “can run LLMs with seven billion parameters at 22 tokens per second.”

MediaTek Dimensity 9300 plus body

While MediaTek is clearly focused on making its chips better at AI tasks, it hasn’t forgotten that gaming is a big part of what drives the mobile market. The Dimensity 9300+ houses the company’s second-generation ray tracing engine, which MediaTek boldly claims will deliver ray tracing alongside 60 FPS experiences that can match what gaming consoles currently offer. The company’s MediaTek Adaptive Gaming Technology is also part of the Dimensity 9300+ with the aim of delivering improved battery life and keeping the chip cooler during gaming sessions.

The Dimensity 9300+ will also look to be a key part in delivering great photos on mobile devices, with the chip able to offer 18-bit RAW processing thanks to the Imagiq 990 ISP. As expected, AI will also be part of the process when it comes to capturing video, with the chip making use of the AI Semantic Analysis Video Engine that comes built in.

MediaTek’s latest flagship chip looks very impressive on paper but, may not really be able to shine if the AI software it’s supposed to power is lacking. Hopefully device makers are able to get the most out of the Dimensity 9300+.