Zeiss Cinemizer OLED 3D VR Video Glasses Review

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Movie Performance and Conclusion

True to its name, the Cinemizer OLED is best suited to being a personal home theater on the go.

Initially, I connected it directly to a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player and popped in a 3D copy of Pixar’s Brave. The image certainly seemed sharp and the 3D was actually excellent. It’s at least as good (if not better)  than watching a 3D movie (using active 3D glasses) on my larger 3D TV.

Part of this is because the Cinemizer (even without the optional eyeshield) blocks external distractions, so it’s just you and the movie—and the optional eyeshield eliminates all that remains of your peripheral vision, making for an even better experience.

The ideal application for the Cinemizer OLED is really as a mobile movie-watching device, be it connected to a tablet, phone, laptop, etc. As long as you’ve got an HDMI output (and don’t mind looking a tad dorky), the Cinemizer OLED excels at watching movies on the go. Combined with the earphones and paired with the eyeshield, you can virtually seal yourself inside the experience—perfect for blocking out the din of a noisy airplane cabin, train ride, bus ride, or anything else. It’s definitely an excellent experience for long flights.

The only potential drawback for mobile applications is battery life, which tops out at 6 hours or less depending on the content. However, there are certainly plenty of ways around this—charging off a laptop, USB quick charge devices, etc.

Regardless, mobile applications are where the Cinemizer OLED truly shines. An adapter kit is also available for iOS users so you can use your iPad/iPhones (which lack HDMI outputs) with the Cinemizer OLED.

The Cinemizer OLED holds a lot of potential, but its real strength is watching movies (3D or 2D) on-the-go. Gaming is a novelty at best—the Cinemizer is no Oculus Rift—and the optional head-tracker adds another $289 to the total price tag.

Which brings us to price. As a portable movie player the Cinemizer is excellent—but would you really pay $800 ($789 currently on Amazon) and another $39 for the optional eyeshield for the privilege?

If you’re a frequent flier/traveler then you may get your money’s worth, but if gaming is important to you at all, you’ll need to weigh that importance with the cost.

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