Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Gaming PC Review

Inside the Executioner

The Executioner's side panels are easily removed, as both are held in place with a pair of thumbscrews. Once those are taken out, the side panels slide right off, giving you access to a spacious interior.

Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Inside

Simply put, the inside of the Executioner is beautiful. Xotic PC went all out with the white theme, even going so far as to paint the top of the Corsair Dominator's heatsinks so that they blend in with the rest of the configuration. The cables, SLI bridge, tubing, waterblock -- they're all white, though you can configure a different color option if you prefer.

Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Lights
Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Lights 2
Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Lights 3
Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Lights 4

The included remote lets you adjust the internal lighting, You can change the color, make the LEDs flash or fade, and other neat tricks. We're kind of partial to the red lighting, which makes us think of the carnage this Executioner can inflict. Or if you prefer, you can turn the lights off altogether.

Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Liquid Cooling

As previously mentioned, this is a liquid cooled rig using what Xotic PC calls a Stage 6 Frostbite setup. This consists the following:

  • 3/8-inch tubing
  • XSPC RayStorm CPU waterblock
  • Xotic PC certified liquid cooling pumps
  • 2 x GPU waterclocks
  • SXPC single liquid reservoir
  • 240mm radiator (mounted on top)
  • 360mm radiator (mounted in rear)

For an added fee, you can have Xotic PC incorporate the motherboard's chipset into the liquid cooling scheme as well. And of course the boutique builder will happily liquid cool even beefier setups that have three or four graphics cards.

Xotic PC Executioner Stage 4 Open

On the other side of the case behind the motherboard tray, Xotic PC hides the bundles of leftover cabling. Even though it would have been just fine to tuck everything behind the tray haphazardly, the company did a good job tying everything together.

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