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The X-Micro Impact 4 Ultra
Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

By, Jeff Bouton
January 25, 2001

Quality and Design of the X-Micro Impact 4 Ultra
Looks familiar...

If you are an avid reader of the reviews at H.H. then I?m sure you?ll swear that you?ve seen this card before. If you take the Elsa Gladiac that we recently reviewed, you?d be hard pressed to tell the two apart except for the purple X-Micro sticker on the Impact 4.  Now this doesn?t make X-Micro a bad company, I?m sure that the sticker was a whole lot cheaper than the other types of bells and whistles we?ve seen in the past.  Remember, all the cost saving measures will be seen ultimately in the MSRP. 

This card comes with the basic reference cooling hardware.  From the heat sinks on the RAM to the heat sink and fan on the GPU, it is all based on the original reference design.  This may not make you go ?wow? when you see it but it is a design that has proven to be more than adequate for the card. 


If there is one thing that will get us on our soap box, it is the use of thermal tape or the dreaded thermal epoxy.  Although these products do help improve heat transfer, usually when we take them apart we find poor contact between the chip and heat sink.  This time around however, we have to say that although we?re not crazy about it, this application was making excellent contact.  Nonetheless, since we had it apart, we cleaned it up and applied the preferred Artic Silver Thermal compound. 

This version has the standard analog monitor and TV-OUT connections as well as a port to connect a digital flat-panel display.  Although we didn?t have the goods to test the flat-panel display, the TV-OUT worked exactly as it should.  We loaded up the Matrix on DVD and found the output quality excellent.  It only took a second to switch between the monitor and TV and we were ready to roll.

Although this is a standard reference design, its reputation speaks for itself.  With that said, the quality and design of the card is excellent and gets a well deserved 9.

Installation and Drivers


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