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Overclocking the 8600 GT Fatal1ty


Overclocking the 8600 GT Fatal1ty
Going beyond the factory overclock...

Although the 8600 GT Fatal1ty comes factory overclocked, we still had to check for extra headroom. Recall that the clocks come set at 620MHz for the core and 850MHz (1.7GHz effective) for the memory. We loaded NVIDIA's nTune software and started bumping up the GPU and memory clocks. We tested for stability along the way and finally settled on 740MHz and 950MHz (1.9GHz effective), respectively. We were quite pleased with these results, especially considering that the card has a passive cooler. As always, don't expect every 8600 GT to overclock the same. Your mileage will vary, and overclocking can void your warranty.

With the cranked up clocks, we put the XFX 8600 GT Fatal1ty back through the ringer for some more testing. It remained stable and put up some solid numbers. Check out some of the results below.

As you can see, we saw significant gains across the board with the card overclocked.  It's definitely worth the extra effort to squeeze this kind of extra performance out of a graphics card.

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