XFX GeForce 8600 GT Fatal1ty

Closer Look at the XFX 8600 GT Fatal1ty


Closer Look: 8600 GT Fatal1ty
Silent and deadly?!

If you are familiar with other Fatal1ty-branded products on the market, then the styling of this card won't surprise you. XFX achieved the typical Fatal1ty color scheme by using an all black PCB and a black heatsink adorned with a red Fatal1ty logo on top.


When you look at the two images above, you can see how XFX is achieving the silent cooling on its 8600 GT Fatal1ty. The company employs a basic heatsink on the GPU itself and draws the heat away with a set of heatpipes that have another heatsink with over 30 fins attached to them. As you can see, all of this metal is basically stored above and behind the card. The extra height added to the card due to this design may be an issue with some horizontal cases (like HTPC cases). So, make sure you have clearance in your system before purchasing this card.


As we turn the card around to get a better look at the cooler and the rest of the PCB, you can see that there is no power connector. Unlike the GeForce 8800s and 8600 GTS, the 8600 GT does not require supplimental power, which we see as a good thing. Overall, the cooler makes the card's footprint a bit more awkward than a standard 8600 GT, but we don't foresee most users having any issues with the size and shape of the card.

The 8600 GT Fatal1ty's outputs include two dual-link DVI connectors and an S-video connector. Additionally, the card features an SLI connector.

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