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Overclocking the 7900 GT 550M Xtreme


Although the 7900 GT Xtreme is already overclocked to 550MHz for the core and 1.63GHz (effective) for the memory, we had to see if we could crank it up any more and actually see some performance benefit from it. We used Coolbits to overclock the solo and SLI configurations to 565MHz (core) and 1.7GHz (memory).

Overclocking the 7900 GT 550M Xtreme
Overclocking the Overclocked

As you can see, our overclock proved to not be worth the effort. We're not too surprised for a couple of reasons. First, our test system's CPU isn't the most powerful. Secondly, the cards already have a nice overclock, and our overclock wasn't very high beyond that high overclock. The factory overclocks are sufficient, and we see no reason to push them any higher. Besides, it voids your warranty to do so, and we'd rather take advantage of XFX's Double Lifetime warranty than get two more frames per second in a game.

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