X58 Showdown: ASUS Rampage II vs. MSI Eclipse

High-Res Gaming and SLI Testing

High-Resolution Gaming: SLI Frame-Rates with Crysis
Taxing the Whole Rig - Core i7 and X58 Vs. Core 2 and 780i

We started our high-resolution 3D testing with Crysis again.  This time we have the resolution dialed up in the game to 1600X1200.  We also turned up all quality settings and anisotropic filtering for textures to maximum levels.

Finally, as you'll note in the graph below, we're comparing the X58 boards with a Core i7 920 (2.66 GHz) processor to a Core 2 Duo on an ASUS 780i SLI-based motherboard.  Here will see just how the X58 Express chipset and Core i7 processor stack up against Intel's legacy Core 2 Duo architecture driving a GeForce 9800 GTX+ SLI setup.  

Crysis is completely GPU bound with a single card, as is evidenced by the near identical frame rates on all systems.  Performance gains with a second graphics card added, running in SLI mode, were appreciable with Crysis.  We saw a 50% increase on the 780i, and nearly a 67% increase on the X58 boards.

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