Windows 7 HD and SSD Performance Analyzed


Workstation and Database File Patterns (IO's per Second)

No contest here, Iometer is simply dominated by the solid state drives. Whereas traditional hard drives are limited to the range of 100-200 I/O's per second, our solid state hard drives are pushing up to 10x+ the speed, ranging from 2400 - 13,000 IO's per second. Win7 can make for a great workstation/server/database operating system as well, which isn't surprising as Microsoft is basing their upcoming Windows Server product on the same Windows 7 core.

We would also like to make note about these Iometer scores.  We are currently working with Intel in regards to our X25-M Iometer numbers, which were sporadic across the board throughout our testing.  The numbers seen here are benchmarked directly after a secure erase, which allows the drive to run at peak capacity.   We encountered significantly lower Iometer performance numbers after several rounds of testing--so take our X25-M numbers with that grain of salt.  We'll update this article when we hear back from Intel on the matter.

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