WD My Book World Edition NAS Device

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The WD My Book World Edition truly impressed us with its combination of performance and features. The fact that it can equally meet the needs of general consumers and tech-savvy users is a testament to the device's flexibility and usefulness. There was a lot to like about the device and very little to dislike. Perhaps the only significant criticism we have of the WD My Book World Edition is that we wish it also included the ability to act as a networked print server, as we have seen with other consumer-level NAS devices.

The WD My Book World Edition's MSRP of $449.99 makes the NAS device a very good value, considering all it can do--including free remote access. This is even less than the $479.99 MSRP of the Editor's Choice award-winning Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition NAS Server. But while the Maxtor Central Axis Business Edition can be found at a variety of online retailers for as cheap as $340, the least-expensive online price tag we could find for the WD My Book World Edition, was just under $400. At this relatively high price point--as much as we were impressed by the WD My Book World Edition--we have a hard time considering it as an Editor's Choice candidate. When and if the street price of the device comes down, it will become a true contender--until then, however, we still highly recommend the WD My Book World Edition as a viable NAS device option for virtually any home user.

  • Very fast network data transfer rates
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Remote access
  • Advanced settings options
  • Small form factor
  • iTunes server

  • Not user serviceable
  • Does not include print server functionality
  • Mac usability not as seamless as documentation indicates
  • Somewhat expensive

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