Toshiba XG5 NVMe SSD Review: Strong Performance With 64-Layer BiCS 3D Flash

Toshiba XG5 - The Verdict

Performance Summary: The Toshiba XG5 didn't lead the pack in any particular category, but was a strong performer nonetheless. In the trace-based PCMark tests, the XG5 just barely missed the top spot -- a position held by the Samsung SSD 960 Pro -- by one measly point. The drive did lead with mid-sized transfers in ATTO's write benchmark and it had the fastest sequential transfers at QD32, according to CrystalDIskMark. In the rest of the benchmarks, the Toshiba XG5 hung right alongside drives from Intel and Samsung, though it typically pulled ahead of its cousin, the Toshiba OCZ RD400.

The XG5 is another strong M.2 NVMe solid state drive offering from Toshiba. This is the first SSD to leverage 64-Layer BiCS FLASH 3D Flash memory, which offers power, endurance, and performance benefits over previous-generation drives. And as we've shown in the benchmarks, performance is competitive across the board as well. As we noted earlier, however, these drives are not destined for the retail channel, but rather OEMs and system builders. We don't have MSRPs either, but Toshiba's XG3 has trickled into some online retailers, and can be found for roughly $.39 - $.54 per GB. The XG5 should fall within a similar pricing segment, and shouldn't result in huge premiums tacked on to the systems the feature the drive. If you're in the market for a new desktop or notebook and the Toshiba XG5 is an option, it is absolutely worthy of consideration...

  • Strong Writes
  • Excellent Overall Performance
  • OEM Version, Retail Versions Coming Soon
  • Pricing TBD

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