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Rounding out the Thermaltake Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion case's features were the cable connectors for the top mounted ports, as well as the power and reset switches and various LEDs.  We should note that the audio connectors from the top ports are designed to be fed from a header on the main board.  Those using a add-on sound card may be out of luck unless their card has the right headers.


Once the system has been built and the Tai Chi powered up, the blue glow from the case fans can be seen from the front and rear while bathing the inside in a gentle blue color.  It's always good to see a company get creative with color and it's even better when they don't over do it.  In this case the color balance with the Tai Chi was just right. 


One last point to touch on is the Tai Chi's overall acoustics.  To say the case is quiet is an understatement.  The Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion chassis is one of the quietest cases we've come across thus far.  In fact, we highly recommend using quiet CPU cooler to with the Tai Chi, otherwise your CPU's stock cooling is going to ruin a good thing.  Matched with the Golden Orb II we reviewed a week ago, this case was dead quiet with the only real detectable hum coming from our PSU and video card fans.

When building a custom PC, choosing the right case is essential.  Not only should you be concerned with proper functionality and features, but you should want your new creation to look good too.  With the Thermaltake Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion case, Thermaltake covered all of these bases and then some in our opinion. With oversized, low noise LED case fans, hydraulic access doors, 11 drive bays and a gorgeous appearance, Thermaltake hits this one out of the ball park.  The Tai Chi is an innovative, well-crafted case that is backed by excellent engineering and upgradeability to ensure that this case will perform for a long time to come. 

In the end, the Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion case was impressive from the first moment we opened the packaging. If you are looking to build a custom PC, or simply want to upgrade that old drab case, the Thermaltake Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion case will not disappoint with its form and function. 

Weighing in at $290 retail, the Thermaltake Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion case definitely falls under that category of a "premium product".  However, with the features and looks that the Tai Chi case delivers, this will probably be the last case purchase you'll make for a very long time.  As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.  With the Thermaltake Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion case, you'll get what you pay for and then some.

We give the Thermaltake Tai Chi Aluminum Extrusion case a Hot Hardware Heat Meter rating of a...

•Lightweight Extruded Aluminum
Ample, Quiet Cooling
•LED Fans
Hydraulic Door
Tool-less Design
Gobs of Room
No Air Filters
•Packing Glue Hard to Remove

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