Thermaltake Level 10 Gaming Station Review

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The Level 10 features four primary zones that are divided into their own miniature enclosures. Its largest panel houses the motherboard tray and associated components. The power supply panel is located above the motherboard area and features a similar door cover. Also, this case allows for three 5.25" drives to be installed within the optical drive bay panel. Further, six individual hard drive bays are found below the optical drive compartment and support both 3.5" and 2.5" drives.

The removable motherboard tray is easily accessed by opening the cover and loosening four thumbscrews. We pulled the tray away from the enclosure and were able to install mobo standoff screws in the appropriate locations. Two fans are pre-installed for cooling purposes; A 140mm red LED fan pulls in cool air towards the expansion cards, while a 120mm fan pushes hot air out the rear of the case. The Level 10 supports motherboards that utilize up to eight expansion slots.  While adequate for the majority of motherboards on the market, there are a few models, like EVGA's X58 Classified 4-way SLI, that require 10 slots. 

After sliding out the HDD tray, we can see the SATA power and data connectors inside the enclosure. The large red button is depressed when a drive is installed and activates the red LED for that drive cover. Note that while there are six 3.5" drive bays available, Thermaltake only provides two of these SATA connectors with the case. At $850, we feel that the product should include all necessary parts in order to make use of all its features.

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