Thermaltake LANBOX - VF1000BWS

Close Up: Thermaltake LANBOX VF1000BWS - Outside

The Thermaltake LANBOX - VF1000BWS
Close Up:  Outside

The outside of the case is sleek with a molded carry handle and black aluminum finish.  The front of the case sports three drive bays, 1-3.5", 1-5.25" and a 7" bay that can be converted to a 5.25" with the bracket included in the package.  We know what you're thinking; we'll come back to the 7" bay in a moment.  Behind the half round mesh at the lower center of the front bezel is a 90mm blue LED intake fan rated at 1500 RPM.


The lower right area includes power and reset buttons with matching blue and red LEDs respectively.  The left side has a headphone and microphone connection along with two USB ports and a single FireWire port.  The rear of the cube sports an opening for a full size PSU that had no issues accommodating the Thermaltake Toughpower 750 modular PSU that we used for testing.  The system comes with a stock I/O shield along with four PCI slots.  The knockouts for the PCI slots are all perforated to ensure that the maximum airflow possible passes through the enclosure.


Adding to the cooling of the LANBOX VF1000BWS are a pair of 60mm case fans mounted below the PSU for rear exhausting of warm case air.  Above the four PCI slots is room for a third fan that can also work with a liquid water cooling package by removing the small knockout to act as a tubing pass-through.  Thermaltake does include a small edging strip in the retail kit to mask off any sharp edges.


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