Thermaltake LANBOX - VF1000BWS

Introduction and Product Specifications

When going to a party, it's customary to not show up empty handed.  Depending on the type of party, a cake, pastries, a bottle of wine or maybe even your favorite beer are all acceptable items to bring as a gesture to the host, thanking them for the invitation.  When it comes to a LAN party, however, the term 'customary' can take on a totally different meaning.

With LAN Parties, it's more about the guests getting to show off their system's performance, their superior gaming skills or the beauty of their custom built dream machines.  Yes, there may be an overdose of caffeine related items, but in the end, it's all about bragging rights and who gets to say they are the best gamer, has the faster rig or has the best looking box in the house.

Speaking of the 'best looking' category, Thermaltake has pulled together an elegant, stylish case in the form of the Thermaltake LANBOX, designed with the LAN "playa" in mind.  The LANBOX is a stylish, lightweight game cube that is sure to attract some attention.  The LANBOX comes in several unique flavors that deliver a number of impressive features as well as some equally impressive add-on options.  Today, we're going to focus our attention on the VF1000BWS model, which offers a molded handle for easy portability as well as dual transparent side panels and an attractive front bezel.  Thermaltake also has a few other uncommon tricks up their sleeve with the VF1000BWS, helping to distance this particular portable gaming case from all others.

Thermaltake LANBOX - VF1000BWS

Model:  VF1000BWS
Case Type: Gaming Cube
Dimension:  (H*W*D) 300 x 430 x 280
Carrying Handle: yes
Side panel: Dual Window
Front Panel Material:  Aluminum
Chassis Material: SECC
Color: Black
Cooling System:
Front - 90mm fan with blue LED x 1, 1500rpm -
Rear - 60mm fan x 2, 1800rpm (up to 60mm fan x 3)
Motherboard:  Micro ATX form factor & mini ITX form factor
Drive Bays:  7" x 1 (could be converted to 5.25'' drive bay)
- 5.25" x 1
- 3.5" x 3 (Exposed x 1, Hidden x 2)
Front I/O:  USB 2.0 x 2, IEEE 1394 Firewire, HD-Audio
Expansion Slots: 4
Weights:  7.5 kg 

Upgraded Kit (optional): 7" Bay LCD monitor - A2413-01


  • A fully modular chassis where all component may be removed from the body for easier installation
  • All aluminum handle produced using die cast manufacturing process for added strength and durability. Ergonomically designed handle ensures most comfortable grip. (optional)
  • Aerodynamically designed ventilation holes to enable the system efficiently
  • Aluminum extrusion front panel
  • Supports Micro ATX form factor & mini ITX form factor
  • Supports ATX PS2 power supply
  • Supports 7'' LCD monitor (optional)





The package we received for evaluation included one VF1000BWS LANBOX along with a complement of documentation and other accessories.  The package included a User's Guide, which goes over the complete break down and assembly of the game cube, as well as an assortment of mounting screws and brackets which we will cover in the pages ahead.  As a final touch, Thermaltake threw in a polishing cloth to help keep the VF1000BWS shiny and fingerprint free.

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