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Sounds of Skyrim


What it is: An "expansion pack" of sound files for outdoor and dungeon environments
What it does: Improves the auditory experience
Does it change game balance? No
Performance Impact: None
Download Location: Steam (Wilds), Steam (Dungeons)  / Skyrim Nexus (Both)

Sounds of Skyrim (SoS) is a mod that adds a variety of subtle sound effects to the game. Tramp through the forest and you'll hear birds singing, while shrill Falmer voices and the sound of distant hammers echoes through a Dwemer ruin. SoS makes the game feel much more immersive.

In the videos below, the frequency and volume of the sound effects have been boosted to allow for quicker playback. In-game, the effects are appropriately integrated into the background of the game.

Wilds and Dungeon are the first in a planned series of three mods; Civilization will be released later this year.

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Another small mod that's worth downloading if you'd like to enhance the game's audio is the Immersive Skyrim Thunder Mod. This project synchronizes thunder and lightning strikes and adds new thunder/rain sound effects.

It's available here (Steam) and here (Skyrim Nexus)

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