The Must-Have Mods of Skyrim

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Complete Crafting Overhaul, Smithing Perks Overhaul, Weapons & Armor Fixes - By Headbomb

What They Are: A set of three complementary mods that fix a great many bugs to Skyrim's smithing
What They Do: Each repairs a specific section of the game.
Do They Change Game Balance:  No*
Performance Impact: None.
Download Locations:
Weapons & Armor Fixes: Not Available On Steam / Skyrim Nexus
Complete Crafting Overhaul: Not Available On Steam / Skyrim Nexus
Smithing Perks Overhaul: Not Available On Steam / Skyrim Nexus

*-- These mods makes certain changes to crafting capabilities that has a small impact on game balance.

This set of three mods addresses a major problem with Skyrim's smithing -- specifically, it's buggy as heck. According to the mod's author, roughly a third of the game's weapons and 31% of its armor is bugged. This means recipes meant to be in-game aren't available, some weapons require incorrect materials, and some items use the wrong skills for calculating damage.

These three mods impact game balance, insomuch as they enforce consistency across recipes and materials, as well as allowing the crafting of some items (arrows) that could previously only be purchased. The changes, however, make logical sense. If you want to craft Thieves Guild specific gear, for example, you'll need to join the Thieves Guild. Want to make Markarth-style armor? Become a Thane there.

This mod also adds the ability to craft arrows and adds an ingredient to smelting steel (charcoal). In order to ensure a supply of charcoal, firewood can now be "smelted" to create it.

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