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Half Life 2: Episode 2

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Half Life 2: Episode 2
DirectX Gaming Performance

With its updated game engine, nice visuals, and intelligent weapon and level design, Half Life 2 has become just as popular as its predecessor, the original Half-Life. With Episode 2, you’ll get a number of visual enhancements, such as better-looking transparent texture anti-aliasing. We ran this benchmark at 1,920 x 1,200 with 4X anti-aliasing and 16X anisotropic filtering enabled concurrently. We also enabled color correction and HDR rendering. To benchmark the systems in this test, we used a custom recorded timedemo file.

Smooth Creations LANShark HL2 Ep2 results

In our HL2 test, the LANShark Extreme edges out all of the other test systems, albiet by the smallest of margins. This is the type of performance we like to see from a LAN gaming rig.

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