Smooth Creations Broodling Unboxed

Behold The Broodling

The intoxicating smell of fresh paint was the first sensation to greet us when we opened up a very special package from Diamond Multimedia and Smooth Creations. This was quickly followed by jaw-dropping awe as we admired the meticulous detail of the system's custom paint job. Speculating at the power waiting to be unleashed under its hood, we were jonseing to fire the rig up and pwn some noobs. But before we could do that, we wanted to share our experience of unboxing the machine with you--minus the heavy lifting and the paint fumes.

We'll try not to get too much drool or smudged fingerprints on the rig. After all, we're giving it away to a randomly-selected, active HotHardware forum member! This AMD Phenom X4 9750-based system, with a Diamond Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics card and slick, custom painted case, are the combined efforts of Diamond Multimedia and Smooth Creations--co-sponsors of our April HotHardware giveaway.

At first, we thought we must have received a package with some sort of exotic contents from a foreign land when we saw that it was marked "Fragile".  Hmm.  "Fra-gee-lay"; must be in Italian.

If we had any doubt about what was inside the box, the custom-printed packaging quickly made it crystal clear.

The first items greeting us when we opened the inner box were four discs cases containing the System Recovery disc, Windows XP Professional, Abit AX78 motherboard drivers, and Nero 7 Essentials.

The Smooth Creations folks took great care in packing up the system. The paint job was well protected against scratches and dings from jostling during shipping.

There should be no doubt what the system was designed to do: hard-core gaming with attitude!  The Smooth Creations creative team outdid themselves with the quality of the paint job.  The system's rear ports include DVI, Ethernet, USB, audio, and PS/2; ports on the top front of the system include USB, audio, FireWire, and eSATA.  As you can see, inside the case is roomy and well-laid out.

The system is in our hands right now so that we can review it. But as soon as we're done with it, it could be yours! We're giving away this rig to a randomly selected contributor to our on-line forum and discussion systems. To be entered into the sweepstakes, you've got to be a registered, active member of our forum and a resident of the United States. If you’re not already a member, you can sign up quickly and easily (and for free), right here.

We're monitoring discussions on the site and will be randomly selecting a winner based on community involvement and contribution. To increase your chances of being a winner, sign up for our HotHardware RSS News Alerts as well, and we'll toss your name into the mix for double credit! The sweepstakes will run through May 3, 2008.

This is a great opportunity for to you to win a custom, powerful new system. Now go make some new friends in the forum and get in the running! Good Luck!

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