Shuttle's AV30 VIA Apollo Pro 266 Motherboard

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Shuttle's AV30 VIA Apollo Pro 266 DDR Motherboard
With a Dash of Crucial PC1600 DDR RAM...

By Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta

Taking the processing and bandwidth requirements to the next level, we have our Business Winstone, Content Creation Winstone and SiSoft Sandra scores.

Business, Content Creation and our girl Sandra
Going through the motions...

We've placed the Business Winstone 2001 numbers from our previous Pentium 4 reviews in the graph for the sake of comparison.  Considering the Pentium 4 rig is approximately triple the price of our Shuttle / P3 / DDR combo, its not a fair comparison...just bear with us until our database of Winstone numbers fills up a bit!


Not quite as fast as the Pentium 4 setup, but its still a good number.  The Business Winstone test isn't very bandwidth hungry though, so the increased bandwidth of the DDR RAM isn't an issue.  Lets see how the AV30 compares in Content Creation Winstone 2001...


Here you can see the Pentium 4s pull further ahead but the AV30 is by no means's roughly a 10% performance difference.

Time to move on to SiSoft's Sandra.  We ran the CPU and Memory benchmarks at both the default and overclocked speeds.  Hard drive performance historically hasn't increased much when overclocked so we skipped that one...

PIII @ 933MHz.                                           PIII @ 1.0GHz

As you can see, CPU performance with the Shuttle AV30 is excellent, on par or better than other PIII boards we've tested.

Memory @ 933MHz                                   Memory @ 1.0GHz.

I know what you're all thinking, "Where's the benefit of DDR?  These numbers don't seem much higher than normal!".  True, but there are a few variables you have to take into account.  Our RAM was PC1600 running at 100MHz.  That's 33MHz. lower than the FSB of our PIII 933.  Also, try and remember what happened to the Apollo Pro 133A as it matured.  Huge performance gains were realized as the product matured.  There is no reason not to think the we're back in the same situation.  As the Apollo Pro 266 chipset and it's BIOS mature, expect noticeable performance gains.  Also, should we have had PC2100 DDR RAM running at 133MHz. performance would have no doubt been much higher.  That 30% increase in clock speed is very significant.

ATA100 on the AV30

There is nothing wrong with VIA's hard drive controller this time around...these numbers are actually a little higher than we're used to seeing with this particular drive.

Overall we were very pleased with the Shuttle AV30 / Crucial DDR combo.  Performance, compatibility and stability were excellent considering both products were pre-release engineering samples.  As long as the shipping retail product isn't a radical departure from what we've reviewed, we can whole heartedly recommend the Shuttle AV30 to anyone contemplating a new motherboard purchase.  If you're looking for an excellent performing motherboard packed full of features, you can't go wrong with the Shuttle AV30.  We give it a HotHardware Heat Meter Rating of...


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