Shuttle AV61 VIA Apollo Pro 133 Motherboard

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AV61 Overclocking
A forecast for stability...

  I have very little to report about the overclockability of this board, as I have just got my shiny new PIII 733mhz Coppermine, and without any extra cooling I?m not very comfortable overclocking it just yet.  A friend of mine let me try his Celeron 366, and it booted at 550mhz with no problems at all at default voltage, but I wasn?t able to run it through the benchmark suite because I wasn?t allowed to keep it for any length of time.  Everyone should also remember that the VIA 133 chipset has a 1/2 AGP clock setting, allowing you to have your AGP slot run at it's default 66mhz when using a 133mhz FSB.  A BX based board set at 133mhz FSB with it's 2/3 setting will have your AGP slot running at a very high 88mhz, which wreaks havoc on most video cards.  


Our Test System 
Fully Loaded

Full Tower ATX case with 300w PS
Pentium III 733eb
Shuttle AV61 motherboard
IBM 7200rpm 22gb HD (UDMA/66)
Guillemot 3D Prophet (DDR GeForce)
Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI Controller
Plextor 40max CD-Rom
Windows 98SE, DX7a, nVidia Reference Drivers 3.53


AV61 Benchmarks
Pulling out all the stops...

Let's take a look at SiSoft Sandra...

SiSoft Sandra CPU Tests:

Ok, so far so good.  This board and chipset combo seems to let the CPU fly...

SiSoft Sandra Disk Tests:

    Once again...very nice.  VIA's implementation of UDMA/66 is excellent.  The numbers speak for themselves, but I also want to throw in (even though it sounds dumb) that disk performance "felt" very fast.  Boot times were decreased and applications would just pop-up on the screen almost instantaneously. Now, onto memory...

SiSoft Sandra Memory Tests:

    Uh Oh...a chink in the armor.  I was disappointed in this number.  With true PC133 support and high quality PC133 ram I was expecting something more impressive.  The trusty ol' BX outpaces VIA here.  I would like to mention that in no way was this a "noticeable" bottleneck.  The system was very responsive and extremely fast.

Let's take a look at Winbench...

ZD Winbench 99 1.1

There ya go!  Excellent all around performance with a little help form the P3-733.  Never the less, the Shuttle AV61 holds up well here. 


    In closing, this is a quality product, which may perfectly fill the void between Intel's BX and i820 based boards.  With the exception of the choice for 5PCI slots, Shuttle's choice of features is excellent.  The layout is great, and compatibility, performance and stability are top notch.  With the exception of the initial resource conflicts (which may very well have been my fault), this board is easily installed and setup.  With the age of the BX chipset and the cost of an i820/RAMBUS combo, I'd have no problems recommending this board to someone contemplating an upgrade.  With support for every current Intel processor (slotket required for FPGA chips) and compatibility with standard DIMMs you have a lot of versatility.

We give the Shuttle AV61 a Hot Hardware Heat Meter Reading of...

 - Big Wop




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