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Benchmarks &Comparisons With Doom 3 - Multi-Player
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Doom 3
The first round of Doom 3 tests on the previous page of this article focused on single-player performance.  This time around though, we'll take a look at a few tests using a custom multi-player demo to see how things unfold.  This next batch of timedemos were run with our custom "HH_Frag2" demo, which is a recording of a five-player on-line death match that takes place in the "Frag Chamber" map. We ran benchmarks with Doom 3 set to its "High-Quality" mode, at resolutions of 1,024 x 768 and 1,600 x 1,200 without AA enabled and again with 4X anti-aliasing and 8X aniso enabled concurrently.


Our custom multi-player demo tells pretty much the same story as the single-player results on the preceding page. At 1024x768, the Sapphire Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition performed at virtually the same level as the ATI built card and the GeForce 6800 Ultra, but the GeForce did finish the tests with slightly higher framerates at this resolution. In the higher resolution tests, where we raised the resolution up to 1600x1200, the X850XTs again performed at similar levels, however, the GeForce 6800 Ultra was able to extend its lead to about 16.8% - 18.5%.

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