SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD Review: Rugged, External Storage

SanDisk Extreme 510 Summary and Conclusion

The SanDisk Extreme 510 was a solid performer throughout our testing. It wasn't the fastest external storage solution we have ever tested, but performance was consistent and fast enough for the vast majority of users. We have used this drive as it was intended for a few weeks now, and have zero complaints. It offers just about everything you'd want in a compact, solid-state external drive -- it's fast, rugged, and reliable.

Many road warriors would likely benefit from having an external storage solution, with IP55 water and dust resistance, a large storage capacity, and fast USB 3.0 transfers, that also happens to be rugged and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. There is little else you could want from a rugged photo or video shoot companion. Even if you are not into outdoor activities, the rugged features of the drive may make it appealing. Given the choice between a rugged drive like this, and a standard external drive that is not ruggedized, we would choose the rugged drive almost every time.

The only thing missing for a drive designed for outdoor photography is a way to actually hook it up directly to a camera.  Whether it was a built in card reader that automatically transferred the files when you plugged in your card, or just a customized USB cable that allowed direct attachment.  The way it stands now, a PC is required to transfer files from a camera or other device. The SanDisk Extreme 510 series drives are available in 120GB - 480GB capacities, with street prices hovering around $70 - $136.

On a side note, this drive also works beautifully as extra storage for an Xbox One.  And you don’t have to worry about dust or spilled Red Bull ruining your saved games. Now, if only our other equipment was so rugged…

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  • Small, Rugged Enclosre
  • Water And Dust Resistance
  • Good Performance
  • Not As Fast As Samsung T3
  • Slight Price Premium For Rugged Enclosure

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