SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E Enterprise SSD Review

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Our Summary and Conclusion

Performance Summary: The SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E offered competitive performance throughout our testing. The drive trailed most of the other drives we tested in terms of large sequential transfers, but finished near the top with small file transfers, especially at higher queue depths. The trace-based tests showed the CloudSpeed 1000E competing well with other drives in its class, and the CloudSpeed 1000E's performance remains consistent, regardless of the compressibility of the data being transferred.

The SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E

If you go back and look through all of our benchmarks, the SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E didn’t blow past competing drives in any one particular category. But the benchmarks only tell part of the story. The CloudSpeed 1000E is a drive designed for consistency and very high-reliability, which is difficult to show with a smattering of bar charts.

The CloudSpeed 1000E’s Guardian Technology allows the drive to offer 5x the endurance of some other MLC-based SSDs, which is how SanDisk is able to rate the drive for 3 – 7 drive writes per day and a 5-year warranty, despite its use of 19nm NAND. The CloudSpeed 1000E also has built-in power fail protection, and as we mentioned earlier, it also offers an MTBF of 2 million hours, and an uncorrectable bit error rate (UBER) of less than 1 in 1018 bits read, which is many times higher than the JEDEC JESD 218 spec for enterprise grade SSDs.

When you add it all up, the SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E offers consistent, competitive performance, with very high endurance and reliability, which makes it ideally suited to the enterprise. You’ll pay for a drive of this type (CloudSpeed 1000E drives are available for about $2.35/GB currently), but if you need a solid state drive for mission critical applications, the SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E is worthy of serious consideration.

  • Very High Endurance
  • Good, Consistent Performance
  • SanDisk synonymous with Flash Storage
  • 7mm Z-Height 
  • Didn't Lead the pack in any particular area
  • Expensive

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