Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB & 1TB Drives Tested

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AS-SSD Compression Test

Next up we ran the Compression Benchmark built-into AS SSD, an SSD specific benchmark being developed by Alex Intelligent Software. This test is interesting because it uses a mix of compressible and incompressible data and outputs both Read and Write throughput of the drive. We only graphed a small fraction of the data (1% compressible, 50% compressible, and 100% compressible), but the trend is representative of the benchmark’s complete results.

AS SSD Compression Benchmark
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Regardless of the type of data used, the Samsung SSD 840 EVO series of drives offers consistent performance. There is no drop-off in write performance as the data become more incompressible, unlike the SandForce based drives featured here.

And this is what happens to the 1TB drives performance if RAPID is enabled.  As you can see, transfer speeds are all over the map. Of course, this data isn't necessarily representative of real-world performance because of the synthetic nature of the benchmark.  We've included strictly for reference purposes.

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